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Wax Filling in White Pottery Cup
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Fuqiang candle

Choose Fuqiang4big advantage

Provide customers with quality guaranteed products at reasonable prices and good service.
Ingenuity improving

Adhere to the use of high-quality raw materials, with imported color materials, German yarn core, French flavor and other accessories, fine work, so that the product color is stable, burning evenly, lasting fragrance.

Specialty Leading trend

With a high-quality, responsible professional team and a comprehensive service network, from inquiry to quotation, from order to cargo tracking, we can provide customers with professional solutions and caring services.

service Thoughtful

1. The company's production and sales integration business mode, eliminating the intermediate transfer time of the trading company, can find problems, solve problems and create high quality products in the first time.
2.Source factory, price guarantee.

Port Revitalization

It is located in the Hong Kong Free Trade Zone, close to the Shenzhen Port, adjacent to the Guangzhou Airport, and the three wings are flying together to make a reasonable transportation plan for the goods.


Custom process

Candle customization is divided into three categories: color customization, custom size, fragrance modulation
  • 01

    Color customization

    The color of the candle is customized according to the color number or sample provided by the customer, the color of the canned wax container is customized, and the color of the packaging is customized.
  • 02

    Customized size

    Customized candle size, canned wax container, custom-made, wax re-order, custom package size.
  • 03

    Fragrance modulation

    The frog candle fragrance is based on the sample provided by the customer or the fragrance according to the company's fragrance library.
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Dongguan Fuqiang Candle Industry Co., Ltd.
company & About Fuqiang

  Dongguan Fuqiang Candle Co., Ltd. is a company with 20 years of experience in manufacturing aromatherapy candles, LED simulation electronic candles, and non-flammable fragrances. It is an innovative enterprise integrating production and sales. Companies adhering to the "self-cultivation, excellence, research and innovation" spirit of enterprise, with a rich matrix of high-quality products to meet the needs of different customers for aromatherapy products. After 20 years of development and unremitting efforts, our company's manufacturing level has reached domestic and international standards. Today, Fuqiang products are exported to Europe, the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and Macao and other countries and regions, the products are in line with SGS certification, and the company has passed SEDEX international certification....

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