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Environmental dyes
Fuqiang has always been proud of its deep and rich colors.
All of the scented candles of Fuqiang use international environmentally friendly dyes, especially the special ingredients which are eco-friendly, which guarantee the consistency of color, make the candles bright, clean and bright, and obtain these rich colors through the research and a lot of work. Make the light color of the candle more vivid and vivid.

Appeaseable perfume
The pleasant scent and the different feelings of the scent can have several different factors. The size of the scent depends on the sensitivity and environment of the individual. Through extensive testing and feedback from customers, I believe that the strong fragrance is “just right”. strength.

cotton wick
The strong concept is to create natural candles, rich and strong using brand-quality cotton wicks, the right wick selection, so that each candle gets a bright flame and ideal wax pool. The pure quality wick makes the candle burn safer and has minimal maintenance.

Burning test
Fuqiang monitors the burning specifications of each candle, such as no smoke, no tears, low residue, uniform wax pool, and bright and stable flame.

stability test
Fuqiang tests candles under various conditions, such as evaluation of fading, perfume persistence, and anti-aging tests to ensure the stability of the candle.

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